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About Me

As the operator of CT Pistol Certification in Southbury, Connecticut, I make sure every customer receives the best gun training. I am a NRA benefactor member, certified pistol instructor, range safety officer, and ASLET member. I have the necessary skills and knowledge to successfully teach you to successfully teach you the process of obtaining your Connecticut Pistol Permit. In fact, I have trained with some of the finest instructors in the world, such as Massad Ayoob of LFI, which means excellent gun safety and techniques are second nature to me.

Safety Rules

There are four important rules that I teach all my students. These guidelines state:

• All Guns Are Always Loaded
• Never Let the Muzzle Cover Anything
   Which You Are Not Willing to Destroy 
• Keep Your Finger OFF the Trigger until Your Sights
   Are on the Target
• Always Be Sure of Your Target 

Contact me today to learn how to responsibly operate a pistol, carbine, or shotgun with my training.

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